User Guide

Safety and Handling

Important safety information for your IONNYK frame

WARNING: Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in fire, electric shock, or other injuries, or damage to your IONNYK frame or other property. Read all safety information below before using your IONNYK frame.


Handle your IONNYK frame with care. It is made of metal, glass, and plastic and has sensitive electronic components inside. Place your IONNYK frame on a straight and concrete wall, a stable work surface, or any other secure way hanging your IONNYK frame. We recommend you to use the provided wall-mount when placing your IONNYK frame on a wall. Check that the provided wall mount, once placed accordingly to the provided IONNYK installation guide, and your IONNYK frame fit perfectly together.
Your IONNYK frame can be damaged if dropped, burned, punctured, or crushed, or if it comes in contact with liquids, oils, and lotions. Don’t use a damaged IONNYK frame, such as one with a cracked glass or e-paper, as it may cause injury.


Cleaning your IONNYK frame with a soft, slightly humid cloth is recommended.

If you have already used liquid on the screen, dry it as quickly as possible to avoid it going behind the front glass or entering through frame hanging holes and others.
These guidelines apply to the glass, as well as the housing (frame, body, case, back). Moisture on or near the frame should be avoided, as it could cause short circuits in the electronic components.
To avoid anyone getting shocked, unplug the power chord if charging for cleaning. Gently wipe your IONNYK frame to avoid scratching it.

Liquid Exposure

Keep your IONNYK frame away from sources of liquid, such as drinks, oils, lotions, sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls, and so on. Protect your IONNYK frame from dampness, humidity, or wet weather, such as rain, snow, and fog.


Charge your IONNYK frame only with the included Power Adapter and USB-C Charge Cable, or with a third-party power adapter and cable that are compatible with USB-C and compliant with applicable international and regional regulations and safety standards, including IEC 60950-1. Other power adapters might not meet applicable safety standards, and charging with such power adapters could pose a risk of death or injury.

Using damaged power adapters or cables, or charging when moisture is present, can cause fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to your IONNYK frame or other property. When you use the included Power Adapter and USB-C Charge Cable to charge your IONNYK frame, make sure the USB-C Charge Cable is fully inserted or magnetized into the power adapter before you plug the power adapter into a power outlet.

Prolonged Heat Exposure

Your IONNYK frame and its Power Adapter may become warm during a charge. The IONNYK frame and its Power Adapter comply with applicable surface temperature standards and limits defined by the International Standard for Safety of Information Technology Equipment (IEC 60950-1). However, even within these limits, sustained contact with warm surfaces for long periods of time may cause discomfort or injury.

To reduce the possibility of overheating or heat-related injuries, always allow adequate ventilation around the IONNYK Power Adapter and use care when handling them. Use common sense to avoid situations where your skin is in prolonged contact with a device or its power adapter when it’s operating or plugged into a power source. For example, don’t sleep with a device or power adapter when it’s plugged into a power source. Do not place the device or power adapter under a blanket, pillow, or your body when the device or adapter is connected to a power source. Take special care if you have a physical condition that affects your ability to detect heat against the body.

Power Adapter

To operate the Power Adapter safely and reduce the possibility of heat-related injury or damage, do one of the following:

Plug the Power Adapter directly into a power outlet.
If you’re using the Power Adapter Extension Cable, place the power adapter on a desk, table, or on the floor in a well ventilated location. Don’t place your IONNYK frame or its power adapter in wet locations, such as near a sink, bathtub, or shower stall, and don’t connect or disconnect the power adapter with wet hands. Unplug the power adapter and disconnect any cables if any of the following conditions exists:
The USB-C cable or power cord has become frayed or damaged. • The plug part of the Power Adapter, the prongs, or the adapter case have become damaged.
Your IONNYK frame or Power Adapter has been dropped.
Your IONNYK frame or Power Adapter is exposed to rain, liquid, or excessive moisture.
You suspect the IONNYK frame or Power Adapter needs service or repair. • You want to clean the IONNYK frame or Power Adapter (use only the recommended procedure, described in the cleaning section of the current guide). If debris gets onto the power port, remove it gently with a dry cotton swab. USB-C Power Adapter specifications:
Power/Watts: 5W – 10W
Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
Line Voltage: 100 to 240 V
Output circuit: 0.1 – 2A
Output voltage: 3 – 12V
Take special care if you have a physical condition that affects your ability to detect heat against the body.


You do not have any user-serviceable parts. Do not open or disassemble your IONNYK frame or attempt to repair it or replace any components. Disassembling your IONNYK frame may damage it or may cause injury to you. If your IONNYK frame needs service, is damaged, malfunctions, or comes in contact with liquid, contact IONNYK or an IONNYK authorized repair center, such as an IONNYK Authorized Service Provider. If you attempt to open your IONNYK frame, you risk damaging your computer, and such damage isn’t covered by the limited warranty on your IONNYK frame.

Built-In Battery

Do not attempt to replace or remove the battery yourself—you may damage the battery, which could cause overheating and injury. The built-in battery should be replaced by IONNYK or an authorized service provider and must be recycled or disposed of separately from household waste. Dispose of batteries according to your local environmental laws and guidelines. Don’t expose your IONNYK frame to extreme heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces, where temperatures might exceed 212°F (100°C).

Radio Frequency Exposure

IONNYK frame uses radio signals to connect to wireless networks. For information about radio frequency (RF) energy resulting from radio signals and steps you can take to minimize exposure, go to

Medical Device Interference

IONNYK frame contains components and radios that emit electromagnetic fields, including magnets, which may interfere with pacemakers, defibrillators, and other medical devices. Maintain a safe distance between your medical device and IONNYK frame. Consult your physician and medical device manufacturer for information specific to your medical device. If you suspect IONNYK frame is interfering with your pacemaker or any other medical device, stop using IONNYK frame.

Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that you believe could be affected by using IONNYK frame consult with your physician prior to using IONNYK frame.

Choking Hazard

Some IONNYK frame accessories may present a choking hazard to small children. Keep these accessories away from small children.

High-Consequence Activities

Your IONNYK frame is not intended for use where the failure of the device could lead to death, personal injury, or severe environmental damage.

Explosive and other atmospheric conditions. Using IONNYK frame in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere may be hazardous—particularly in areas where the air contains high levels of flammable chemicals, vapours, or particles such as grain, dust, or metal powders. Exposing IONNYK frame to environments having high concentrations of industrial chemicals, including evaporating liquified gases such as helium, may damage or impair IONNYK frame functionality.

Obey all signs and instructions.

EU Compliance

IONNYK hereby declares that this wireless device is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. A copy of the EU Declaration of Conformity is available at IONNYK’s representative is INKcoming SA, Avenue Reine Astrid 92, 1310 La Hulpe, Belgium.
This device is restricted to indoor use when operating in the 2400 to 2500 MHz frequency range. This restriction applies in:



Bluetooth v5.1
Profiles GATT/GAP
Max Output 25mW
Conformity with the following directives:
• EN 60950-1: A2:2013 3.1
• EN 301 489-1 V2.1.1 & 3.1 (b)
• EN 301 489-17 V3.1.1
• EN 300 328 V2.1.1
WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
Max Output 100mW
Connector Type-C
USB 2.0 full speed until 3Mbaud
Serial Virtual COM port 115200bps, 8 bits, no parity, no flow control
Compatible USB BCS 1.2 specifications (Battery Charging Detection), allow until 2A charge with a USB power supply.


1x Pack Lithium-Polymer 1S2P 3.6V 12400mAh, 210g
Max charge output: 2480 mA
Max discharge output: 6200mA
Medium charge time: 8 hours for Jane frames & 14 hours for Linn frames
Usage restrictions

This device is restricted to indoor use when operating in the 2400 to 2483.5 MHz

frequency range. This restriction applies in:
Max humidity use rate: 90%RH
Usage temperature range: 10°C à 45°C
Storage temperatures: -20°C à 60°C
Do not expose to splashing water and store in a dry place. Do not put in the microwave. Do not expose to a source of heat. Do not throw on the public highway. Do not throw into the fire. Do not throw in the trash. At the end of the product’s life, it is mandatory to drop it off at a waste sorting center.

Warning: Contains Lithium batteries.

Disposal and Recycling Information

The symbol above indicates that this product and/or battery should not be disposed of with household waste. When you decide to dispose of this product and/or its battery, do so in accordance with local environmental laws and guidelines.

European Union – Disposal Information

The symbol above means that according to local laws and regulations your product and/or its battery shall be disposed of separately from household waste. When this product reaches its end of life, take it to a collection point designated by local authorities. The separate collection and recycling of your product and/or its battery at the time of disposal will help conserve natural resources and ensure that it is recycled in a manner that protects human health and the environment.

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