The first connected frame based on e-paper technology

A unique digital gallery experience

The magic of the IONNYK frame and its millions of magnetic ink capsules will allow you to fully enjoy an art gallery at home: the new Spotify of art.

Premium materials

Built with full black aluminum framing, museum anti-glare glass and made in Europe.

Paperlike digital art

Our artworks have the high resolution quality of paper ink prints. The only difference? We don’t use paper ink. We use a technology containing millions of tiny ink capsules that mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. This means that our e-paper screens reflect light from the environment towards the viewer’s eyes, just like with traditional paper. And that our frames only consume power when the picture on it is changing. This is what makes IONNYK frames so different from all the other high-definition screens.

Wirelessly connected with up to 12 months of autonomy

Say goodbye to ugly power cords, put or hang your frame wherever you want and enjoy up to one year of autonomy on one single charge of battery.

Magical elements

Savor the magic of your artwork when you don’t expect it. The series comes alive. What you see is a paper picture, what you get is magic. Just try it, you will like it.

3 frame sizes

Magic Wall Packages

1. Compose yourself
From a unique frame to a magic wall, choose what suits you best.

2. Magic Wall “Sunlight” – 10 frames
A magic wall composed of 10 frames whose sizes you choose.

3. Magic Wall “Moonlight” – 15 frames
A magic wall composed of 15 frames whose sizes you choose.

4. Magic Wall “Starlight” – 20 frames
A magic wall composed of 20 frames whose sizes you choose.

Browse the gallery, follow your favorite themes and change pictures that suit settings and moods to enjoy your ever-growing art experience.

A constantly growing collection of artworks

Through the IONNYK mobile app, choose between discovering emerging artists (Discovery catalog) or start collecting limited editions from all famous artists (Private collection gallery).

Browse our gallery, create your personal playlists and change pictures along the setting or mood of the day.

Any time. Any place. And at your pace.

1. Find artworks for sale
You can filter the catalog using the collection «Limited Edition». You can also find them anywhere in the app when you spot the limited ribbon.

2. Purchase your unit

After selecting an artwork, you can check its exclusiveness (total number of limited prints). Currently, the actual remaining count is not shown on the app, so don’t wait to long to press the buy button !

A real-time experience

Our IONNYK connected art frame now allows you to live a historical and artistic experience: observe, discover and learn through our collections and their editorial content.

Admire black & white photographs, resulting from collaborations with renowned publishing houses.

Discover the key moments in history or have fun learning about the details of the intimacy of your favorite iconic personalities.

A personal collection

Your family portraits will take another dimension thanks to the iconic signature of the IONNYK Studio…and a small dose of magic.

Enjoy a tailor-made retouching work with our iconic black and white and get a personal collection on your app.

Elevate your memories to the rank of works of art with IONNYK.