Paris Match

Sharing a common love of black & white photography with Paris Match, IONNYK is proud to offer all its members a unique digital art experience through carefully selected archives and accompanying editorial content.

Each in their own way, Paris Match and IONNYK make it a point of honour to maintain close links with their community through art and news. Together, they are offering a new way of discovering and admiring archive photography.

IONNYK is the only digital art frame containing millions of tiny ink capsules.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, you can acquire and change works of art via our mobile application.

100% wireless, enjoy magical works of art whenever and wherever you want.

What you see is a paper picture, what you get is magic.

Each month, key moments in history and portraits of iconic personalities take on a new dimension with the IONNYK Stories.

– Available with the IONNYK Discovery subscription –

To mark its 75th anniversary, Paris Match will be presenting its black and white photographs in a unique way, using IONNYK connected art frames in an intimate and exclusive space.