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nicolas bets


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Linn (large format) – portrait

Linn (large format) – landscape

Jane (classic format) – portrait

Jane (classic format) – landscape

About Nicolas Bets’s work

Nicolas Bets arrives in Paris from his native Belgium at 17, to become, like his mother, a photographer. He graduated after only one year in photography school. During seven years, he attends to great names in the profession, such as Claus Wickrath and Jean-Daniel Lorieux. On its best playing field, combining delusion and rigor, the aesthetics and sense of detail are pushed to the extreme. Between the harmony of colors, the sets, and the expressive power of the characters (sometimes numerous) he puts on stage, Nicolas Bets signs a recognizable and unique brand of his kind.

His photographs, that always have a touch of spring, mainly illustrate the woman from an unexpected and offbeat angle. Nicolas Bets’ work brings a real freshness to the world of fashion photography and the result is a carefully choreographed scenography and real spontaneity at the same time.

Each of his photographs is an invitation to lightness and shows a true mastery of photography sessions: from the studios to the desert, from the swimming pool to the interiors Nicolas Bets’ playground has no borders.