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IONNYK is the world first digital art frame containing millions of tiny ink capsules.

Discover collections of local artists sublimated with IONNYK ‘s pure Black & White.

IONNYK enhances the guest experience at this magnificent hotel, offering a unique collection of digital art in its four luxury suites. With IONNYK, the first connected art frame made up of millions of ink capsules, guests can enjoy an ever-changing landscape that showcases artworks by local artists. Every morning, guests wake up to a new atmosphere and discover a new landscape, unique to Mauritius.

What you see is paper, what you get is magic.

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IONNYK art frames and all the tailor-made experiences it offers

About the Artist 

This collection was taken by Christian BOSSU-PICAT, a French photographer based in Mauritius.

In his hometown of Grenoble, he developed his passion through training in advertising, architecture, industry, fashion, and winter sports photography. At 22, he joined a medical mission in French Guiana to create a photo and film report for TV and conferences.

In 1958, he joined the Official Photographers Team for the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, beginning a long series of photographic journeys.

In 1972, he received the “Fondation de la Vocation” Prize, presented by Madame Pierre Lazareff. His work took him to Nepal, Burundi, Mali, Gabon, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Seychelles, and Yemen, with exhibitions in Paris.

Since 1986, living in Mauritius, he has focused on documentary photography, collaborating across various sectors and illustrating books on the island and its cuisine.