« Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. »

Arthur C. Clarke

IONNYK is millions of tiny ink capsules. IONNYK values the integrity of art photography. That’s why all of our art photos have the crispness and high resolution quality as paper ink photography. The only difference? We don’t use paper ink. We use e-paper technology that mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. This means that our e-paper screens reflect light from the environment towards the viewer’s eyes, just like with traditional paper. And that our frames only consume power when the picture on it is changing. Ever wondered what makes IONNYK frames so different from all the other high-definition screens? This is it.


IONNYK is the first art photography platform that uplifts your experience of art, leaving room for creativity and imagination. In black & white. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to see art photography in its purest form, while staying connected to its surroundings and your personal preferences. With magical elements if you want to.

A magical piece of art

Magic happens when you start seeing things from a different angle. Like we did a time ago.

“One day, we wanted to make the impossible possible: Make a train appear in a ‘paper’ picture frame where there is no train to be seen at first.
Without a digital screen, with no cable, unexpectedly and in a blink of an eye. Sounds like magic, no? But we did it. We created that magical piece of art. For many years, it was our little secret. Today we use our technology to rethink the stunning world of art photography with IONNYK. We are excited to have you join us!”

Art is an extent to your personality,


It tells something about your view, your desires or inner motives. IONNYK allows you to experience art differently. With more pleasure, more joy, more you. Any time, any place. We bring that art experience to you: smart and effortlessly. With a touch of magic.


Call for artists

IONNYK is about innovation. We pioneer a new market, giving artists like you the opportunity to create a new kind of art culture and design in the domain of art photography. Our state-of-the-art technology opens new ways to your creativity, whether you’re a well-established name or still emerging and very promising. As a community, we respect the artistic codes, your individuality, creative expression, rights and dignity.

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Just like that. Like magic.

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